To Beat Down To Keep Down

To beat down to keep down folks,
With intent to provoke them...
Into a submission does not prevent,
Those of greed to believe they feast...
Without an intervention meant,
A paying for their misdeeds...
Relieves them from receiving,
A repeating of storms...
Leaving dire consequences to them sent.

In times like these many are discovering,
There is an increase of mental disease.
In times like these it is easy to see,
Who is inflicted yet disbelieve...
Their lives are lived unprotected from affects.
Or the repercussions coming...
No attempt can be made they can avoid to get.
Although they are the ones who are left,
Beset by nightmares reflecting their evils met.
And uninvited demons taking away a wished peace,
They could have created but took time to defeat.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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