(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

Mask Of A Broken Man


Say pretty lady I'm out to steal your heart, I'm going to bob and weave until I steal your heart

I'm a thief in the dark wearing the mask of a broken man where no one would notice
who I am

Needless to say it's just a disguise I wear everyday to cover up my face

I am never notice anyway but only if I can steal your heart the way you stole my heart, that way I will be noticed

You will understand this man's pain so badly want to undisguise himself to be noticed by you

But my shyness gets in the way every time, maybe if I have a drink or two will calm my nerves to get up my courage to tell you how I feel about you

What can I do to keep from hiding behind this mask of a broken man for no one to see the real me

One day I will unmask myself, take off this disguise that I worn for so long and get up my courage to tell you what I'm feeling

But that time won't be today to unmask this shy man, so for now I will remain a broken man waring a mask of a disguise on my face

Larry Perry, Sr.

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