HD (11 July 1996 / ****Pakistan*****)

To Bed To Bed!

(Poem from a mom to her child who is watching t.v late night)

Its quarter to one,
And late night shows have begun.
We-willy-Winky is on his way,
And the field mice are snoring in the hay.

The moon is gleaming in the sky,
And the stars are visible, high.
The fish are all fast asleep,
The cars are not making a beep.

The lights in the town are off,
The bus is silent at the stop.
The passengers are in their houses,
The babies have all drunk their milk ounces.

Why don’t you now too, go to bed?
I see rocking, your big, sleepy head.
Go and wear your sleeping gown,
Go back to your room, down.

Climb down the stairs,
Don’t forget your night prayers!
I have put the chocolate milk on your table,
Be sure you are not rocking but stable!

You go ahead I am just coming,
Let me just clean the mess your pets are creating.
And I’ll give you the sweetest goodnight kiss,
If I won’t, whole night you’ll miss…

Good night, my dear!
This night you sleep, without any fear!
God’s blessings are upon you,
And a safe hand is on you,
As long as I am there for you!

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Comments (2)

Ok, I will take your good advice, good nite.
Wonderful Hm! I see a view of a mother saying this really!