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To Believe A Lie

To Believe A Lie

You listen to peoples stories
You believe the things they say
And I'm the one who worries
Because its me you push away.

What you believe is up to you
But in time you'll see,
These people have nothing better to do,
They're just jealous of you and me.

This ride, it never seems to end,
It keeps spinning round and round,
How long will you pretend,
That you don't hear the sound.

The sound of my heart breaking
When its me you don't believe,
Can you feel my body shaking?
From the pain that I receive.

I hate it when you turn your back,
And please don't walk away.
Love isn't something that we lack,
I'm begging you to stay.

I think you have a choice to make,
So whats it gonna be?
This drama is too much to take,
I just want you to trust in me.

My love for you is all too real,
And will be till I die,
Is it worth all the pain you deal,
Just to believe a lie?

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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