To Better Be

No one can better be you to do it,
Than you.
To better be.
No one in this process is more qualified,
With it known to identify...
What is you feel felt inside.
You would want to improve.

Something to do to do it better,
Seldom takes another...
To tell what that is one should do.
Of course...
They are without blemishes or flaws.
And have been inspected publicly,
By the Department Of Perfection.
Certifying them with the right,
To demean and pass judgement on others.

And many of us already know a few folks,
Doing this to better be...
Both the judge and jury.
As well as descendents of The Almighty.
Who will declare to know God.
Not only on a personal basis.
But also had been directed,
To be all up in someone else's business.
With no time to 'undermine' their own!
Done to do effectively,
To better be themselves!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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