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To Bid Her Live
DSS (1866-1918 / Ireland)

To Bid Her Live

Bring to her spring flowers,
Cowslip and celandine,
And bid her hear the blackbird's song.
Let pass the sunny hours
In her dull room to shine,
Lay cherry blossom her thin arm along.
Bring all the sweets of June,
Pale viola and rue,
Garlands of fragrant roses, pink and white.
The young birds' broken tune,
The larkspur gold and blue,
Let in the gentle harping of the night.
When russet autumn comes,
Lad's-love and lavender
Fling on her bed. Go, shake red apples down,
Sun-kissed and purple plums,
The sweet and luscious pear,
Bring her on leaves of crimson, green, and brown.

When comes the winter snow,
Then close the shutters tight
To hide the falling leaves and stricken tree,
The silent birds that go,
Through cold and cheerless light,
And winter's shroud on all life's liberty.
Bear her the holly bough,
And on the glowing hearth
Let twisted flame and rebel fires roar.
Bid laughing children now
Dance round her in their mirth,
And call her fainting spirit home once more—
Oh, call her, call her, call her home once more!

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