To Big Jess Big Newfoundland Next Door

You look beautiful at least I think so
With soft black hair black as a crow
And loving eyes horse chestnut brown
You are the finest dog your side of town.

Against canines I don't discriminate
Though some give me reason to hate
they growl at me snarl and bark
And show off their teeth like a shark.

But Jess you act different that's true
And that's one reason I like you,
You wag your tail and lick my hand
And your type of dog I understand.

With Kerry your friend gone away
You've got no one with whom you can play
Save sit on your haunches and sigh
And gaze at Mt Evelyn sky.

You are timid for a dog of your size
So beautiful gentle and wise
You want to make friends and not war
And you'll never see battle scar.

And though you must weigh fifty kilos or more
Big Jess big Newfoundland next door
You do not seek battle or strife
All you need is the peaceful life.

And though you may say that I've got the brains of a hog
For penning doggerel to a dog
But I'll tell you were I a true poet
For Jessie a poem I'd have wrote

by Francis Duggan

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