To Birdsland

If i had wings like a swallow then surely i would fly
To Birdsland in the Yarra Ranges across the miles of sky
Above the home of beauty to nightfall from daybreak
I'd fly above the high paddocks and fly above the lake
Fond memories of Birdsland i have for to retain
And only in flights of fancy i visit there again
Each time i think of Birdsland memories of Jedder come back to me
My old black and white canine none as faithful as she
In Wonthaggi in South Gippsland her bones forever lay
But her i will remember until my dying day
Had i wings like a swallow i would fly fast as a car
To Birdsland in South Belgrave from here in distance far
But in moments of reflection i often visualize
The whistle of the shrike thrush in Birdsland at sunrise.

by Francis Duggan

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