To Bruce Ruxton

Dear Mr Ruxton I've been told that you are a real good fellow
But of your strong dislike for Asians like an angry bull you bellow
And you explain all of this away by saying the Japanese are cruel and colder
And in the war the tragic war they tortured Aussie soldiers.

The bitter memories of the war in your memory still living
And you lack in that marvellous gift the great gift of forgiving
And you don't seem to understand that every man's your brother
And that to live in harmony we must learn to live together.

You do not like the Vietnamese and the very thought seems chilling
That you could not condemn the Vietnam war the butchering and killing
By U.S. and Aussie soldiers and by your own code of silence
The killing of Asian people no human form of violence.

Dear Mr Ruxton I've been told that you are great and clever
But I don't look on you as great and your name won't live forever
Great men don't say that one race is superior to the other
And great man love all races and everyone's his brother.

by Francis Duggan

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