To Burn Your Wings

Deny yourself the right to dream.
Kill any trace of hope.
Let your look color everything in black and fatalism.
Never believe in your strengths.
Feel weak and give up.
Close your heart.
And never open any doors to love.
Let yourself be imprisoned by fear.
Don't have faith in nothing or anyone.
Be like a living dead.
Constrain yourself to look, from behind a glass:
How life passes by overflowing with colors, sounds, aromas...
But shut down your senses.
Be a stone so to never suffer.
Be afraid of being ridiculous, of what people might say
but above all and everything:
Be terrorized by the idea of making a mistake.
If you want to burn your wings:
Just limit yourself to be a beholder
and never think about playing the main role in your own life.

by Belquis Barés

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it's easy to live as you wrote... that way you never make a fool of yourself, you never hurt, cause you cease to feel.