To Call Their First Home

Each person has somewhere for to call their first home
Like to the New Yorker it is New York to the Athenian it is Athens and to the Roman it is Rome
And no matter to where you travel to in the big World out there
You will always meet people from some other where

You will always meet people from big cities and towns far away
Like Shanghai and and Montreal and Sydney and Bombay
Or London or Rio, Berlin or Paris in France
Where the late Charlie Chaplin taught the ladies to dance

I cannot say i am a well traveled man
But i have met people from Johannesburg and Tehran
And people from Bali and Tokyo in Japan
And people from Brussels and Kabul in Afghanistan

We may be defined by creed, culture or race
But whoever you are for you a first home-place
The place where you first looked on the bright lamp of day
You may well still live there or from there live far away

You may be a homebody or you may have traveled far
But you have a first home-place whoever you are
Claraghatlea west of Millstreet Town was first home-place to me
Suppose we are what we are and this is all we can be.

by Francis Duggan

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