Why You?

When I was by the age of eighteen
About love and marriage I had no dream
I was that type of gals
Wondering about with all as pals

Now I am asked, why especially you?
I was startled and to the answer I had no clue
You are the best and I know it's true
For the same reasons why the sky is blue

Deep in my heart I just believe
You are my best friend in joy and grief
You are my sun in a late dark night
Wiping away my tears of sorrow and fright

You are the one who can be there
When I want to go nowhere
And would grab me back to the road
And tightly hug me when I am raped or just cold

When I ask you, you always have the answer
Whether it is about my hairstyle or a case of murder
You know how to choose with me what you dunno
A piece in a competition that makes me get the bow

You are the one who I wish to tell
I love to be with you in heaven or hell
When it is time for disco I want you
And when we'll pray, I'll proudly be after you

Who can be the monk and the lover?
So full of affection but sins do bother
Who can I close my eyes with and dun feel the fear?
Sleep on his shoulders and be so near?

With every breath, I just thank God
For the bless of you my dearest everything
So when I'm asked why especially you,
I will simply smile and look at the sky that is blue

by Sarah Sherif

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Comments (7)

Beautifully painted. Impressive line is..... How shall the shpherd heart then thrill To only the darker lamb?
True various shades in-between of Gray, As the heavens if not dark could not then display To us all of the star's.. James McLain
A song beyond the limits of the sinful man, a human condition. voted 10.
Sorrow plaits her dismal leaf! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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