To Certify A Knowledge Obtained

Education takes more,
Than studying to apply...
What has been written in books.
Or a selection of pre-requisites,
To certify a knowledge obtained...
With a sustaining of it with depths of consciousness,
That guarantees one a successful life.
And prepared to only make right decisions.

Education takes a willingness to listen,
To observe and comprehend with discipline.
Education takes making mistakes...
With a hope not to repeat them again.
And it is with common sense one achieves wisdom.
With a paying for it with experiences to respect.
And not automatically given when one receives a document.
To use as if one has been validated with awareness.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Education takes a willingness to listen And also willingness to learn. Let the knowledge be not just bookish. Let it be practical. Beautifully presented in the poem.