(1664 - 1721 / Dorset / England)

Love The Beast Within

My hearts deepest desire, an undieing fire
that keeps you alive in my soul.
I want to cry out, the people all shout
when my lust turns out of control.

I lash out with knives, the death of men lie
not heavy on my death hardened face.
It cannot be true, the monster is you
the love in my heart burns true.
You keep me alive, with knives in my side
the people want you dead too.

Hung up on high, they force you to die,
while i watch beneath the gallows so grim.
I break down and cry, while deep down in side,
the monster i am is unleashed.
The massacre time, arrives with a whine,
as my teeth bury deep into flesh.
I fight for your life, but he drew a knife
and ended my rebellion then.

Grim satisfaction, a moments respite, the death of two thousand, lies on him tonight...

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