To Christina Rossetti (1830-1896)

Oh beautiful Christina you had the gift of song
And with the poets of heaven you surely now belong
Sister of Maria, William Michael and Dante Gabriel the art critic and pre Raphaelite
And you to them an equal and not a lesser light.

You never mothered children nor to anyone was wife
But you left things of beauty and yours not a wasted life,
You left your marvellous poems and verses for others to enjoy
And your name will live forever and your fame will never die.

Oh beautiful Christina your's was an enlightened soul
You died in your sixty sixth year when cancer took it's toll
One hundred and seven years later your poems bring people joy
And such things of great beauty will never ever die.

Oh beautiful Christina you had the gift of rhyme
And the great Rossetti legend has withstood the test of time
And your poems are still recited far from old England's shore
And the beauty you gave birth to will live forever more.

Oh beautiful Christina you are known Worldwide
Your soul today still living your body only died
At every poetry gathering your name they celebrate
And thank you for your verses you left us something great.

by Francis Duggan

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