To Climb Above And Beyond

I've seen the valleys green and lush,
From high atop a hill
Splashed and nature plushed!
And mountaincaps from where I stood,
Were even standing higher still!
I've seen clear skies and Eagles fly,
And wondered about the Sun with squinting eyes.
I've retreated alone to leave this beauty condoned.
To the wildlife I visited left to many to be unshown.
And when I returned to obligations committed...
I sat and felt so blessed I admitted.
That I was able to climb above and beyond,
Limitations I thought were my best had traveled on!
There is much more I want to explore to test...
After accomplishing a nod of a nap teased rest!
To climb above and beyond to better the rest.
I just want to do it...
To add more steps to my conquests!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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