Think Twice My Friend

Think twice my friend,
Before you scoff,
And think that you,
Can pull this off!

The man in blue,
The one with the gun,
Won't take a chance,
If you try to run!

And me, I've been here,
For many years,
And each,
Has brought it's share.

The 'B' and 'E's,
the pushers too,
Rapists are here,
And soon you'll be too!

But if only you would learn,
Before you come in,
It just doesn't pay,
To commit a sin.

Behind the bars,
In the dingy cells,
People go crazy,
They kill themselves!

Rats might walk,
And raped you might be!
And you'll pray to God,
That they set you free!

The meals are lousy,
The days are long.
To keep your cool,
You've got to be strong.

But if you don't hang yourself,
And you don't slash up,
You might make it through,
With a stroke of luck!

Then once again,
You'll be out on the street,
A lot will have changed...
But not cops on their beat!

So, think young fool!
Is it worth the risk,
To be caught in the act,
Or found out in the frisk?

And if you think,
That your luck is good,
I'll be seeing you soon,
You stupid young hood! !

Yes, me...I've been here,
For many years,
And the trouble, I've found,
Is that nobody cares!

And what do I care?
For as you'll see,
I'm the one on the outside,
And I've got the key! ! !

by Dee Daffodil

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