A Little Girl Dances

A little girl dances with her daddy,
Long before she ever knows,
What it means to be a woman.

She sees herself reflected in his eyes as she dances.
She sees the pride, the joy, the love,
Shining in the eyes that see her as his.

She discovers what true beauty is.
Her beauty to him is in her little girl trust,
Her little girl love, her little girl kisses.

All her life he will love her,
Not for her perfection,
But for her little girl essence.

Others will someday see a woman,
Grown, beautiful, and loved.
But her dad will be dancing in is heart with his little girl

Dedicated to Rachel and her Daddy

by connie crane

Comments (2)

Superb poem, Inspiring and hopeful to meet the Almighty.
My heart is filled with enormous joys.