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To Come Of Age
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

To Come Of Age

Poem By David Lacey

A voice sat deep inside you says,
Just waste away till nothing fades.
As shadows are left behind,
To make the world go blind.

Something down inside you knows,
You’ll join where all the rivers flow,
And drown beneath the sea,
Believing you are free.

I’ve lost that thing inside me that tells me what is real,
I don’t know the way I’m thinking, I can’t quite make out the way I feel,
I know the people sat around me, think they know me, more than I
Still I cant hear a word they say sat so far beyond the skies.

They talk of things I’ve never heard of
Words that seem surreal.
Never heard but not unheard of,
Still can’t make out what is real.

Turning round in deep emotion,
Mixing the colours of my soul.
Burning all the things you left behind
to make me whole.

Nothings left inside of me
You know not what you hold.
Something’s gone inside of me
The futures left un told.

But the past is crystal clear now
and you are all I see,
I don’t have the answers
drowned so deep beneath the sea.

By the waves of your emotion,
Eating up my world.
Could you save the ocean?
Can you see the bird?

Flying flagships in the sky,
places we could pass on by,
this is out world or so it seems,
its alike nothing from my dreams,
its so much more.

To come of age,
To turn the page
As angels spread there wings,
You know your bird can sing babe
The songs of love you bring.

Take me the river bed, its only then you’ll know I’m dead.
When every words been spoken when I lie broken in the head.

Aspirations of divinity, they never meant so much to me
As they did to you that day,
Walk with me another way
Don’t pass me by and sigh and say,
Don’t claim that you don’t know me
When I know the song you sing.

Turning in your circle,
Following a square,
How is it your questioning existence
As if you were never there?

Lost in time, we’ve lost our face
Where is it we lost our faith?

Dream a dream for daybreak,
The future lies untold,
Turn the page with reason,
Watch the day unfold

Sink into a blissful sleep,
This peace I hope is mine to keep
Mine to cherish through the wisdom of the years.

Don’t count your tears as you wish away the clouds
That crowd the sky by the day,
You’ll miss them when there gone, this feeling wont last long
So embrace it for a while, take it in with a smile.

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Another poem worth reading more than once and sharing an experience however separated by time or distance.