To Comprehend A Wisdom Earned

Preparing to face the facts of life,
Doesn't happen for anyone overnight.
Sacrificing fun and temptations that come,
Is a decision one makes that takes...
Determined motivation and inspiration,
They alone must initiate.
And a daily routine of discipline not to fake.

Yet so many believe success is received,
From teachers babysitting and sermons preached.
But if one is not taught from birth,
Often their steps made may get them hurt.
And mistakes to make are lessons to learn,
With a listening to comprehend a wisdom earned...
Will get them closer to a prize they want to realize.
As pretenders cringe,
In the presence of honesty despised

And the seriousness of messages go neglected,
For the very same people growing older to expect...
Every excuse they make to blame someone else,
That leaves all of us to pay for their consequences.
Whether disliked or not to refuse or accept.
Since too many have 'diluted' truth to detect,
Yet kept to deceive...
As an entitlement to keep themselves,
Freed from reality.

To then continue to solicit those of minds limited,
That benefits are deserving as a birth right to get.
Regardless of who does the sweating to do it!
Or toils with a work ethic to implement them to exist.
And left to protest their disgust with truth,
Are those who have produced their own dilemmas.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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