To Cynical Old Me

Of terrorists and asylum seekers they like to broadcast fear
And they tell the voting public what most voters want to hear
The government and opposition for the votes of redneck voters compete
The gullible are many and are open to deceit
Applauded by many when they send the troops and fighter planes to fight wars in Countries far away
But when war refugees arrive in boats in detentions centers worse than jails they are forced to stay
Till their claims for asylum to them have or have not been granted and that may take for years
And asylum seekers who have their claims rejected are deported in tears
Most of the voting public known to lack in empathy
Even for the asylum seekers their governments create in their wars they do not have any sympathy
One of the reasons that politicians pander to them for votes since politicians are this way
On who gets elected to parliament the voting majority has the say
Our politicians are our reflective mirrors though many with that may not agree
But this is how it does appear to cynical old me.

by Francis Duggan

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