To Dad

He stood by us when mum this life departed and we always had great respect for dad
To my siblings and I he was a role model the best role model that I've ever had
And if there's a heaven he is surely up there and I fancy that he often still looks down
On those green old fields he often used to work in at Claraghatlea just west of Millstreet Town.

He had his faults but which of us is perfect? still he was one who had a heart of gold
And he was one who had a great life story though his life story never may be told
From working in the U.S. in the twenties he returned and bought the farm in Claraghatlea
He and mum gave me the gift of life for that I owe them and
without them I would not be here today

Dear dad I'd like to say I still think of you and I hope the life hereafter you enjoy
Your last few years in this life were not easy for you were one who found it hard to die
You had your crosses but you bore them bravely and you did your best and you gave life your best try
And I feel very humbled when I recall that you were by far a better man than I.

by Francis Duggan

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