To David Who Loves Sydney And It's People

I know this man he thinks highly of Sydney
And he says the harbour side City is great
And he says the people there are warm and friendly
And Melbourne where he lives near he doesn't rate.

He thinks so highly of Sydney and it's people
That he even barracks for their footy team
But in 03 again they disappointed
Not good enough at least that's how 'twould seem.

I've only spent a couple of days in Sydney
And many better places I might name
I found the people there not quite so friendly
But all big urban places much the same.

And though Sydney has a bigger population
In many ways with Melbourne it compare
The Melbourne people also not so friendly
But City people similar everywhere.

But at least in Melbourne you can drink tap water
In Sydney there is a huge water scare
The dams and reserviors contaminated
And tap water must be boiled for drinking there.

I cannot share David's great love for Sydney
For big cities and their peoples not for me
But David has a right to his opinions
Each to his own with that I must agree.

by Francis Duggan

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