Expressions So Deep

As I sit with you here
spelling out every tear
Telling mind heart and soul
of the things that I fear
Here we share common ground
breaking down
touching base
All the knowledge we seek
manifests in this place

As the day falls to night
we submerge to let go
Any boundaries of mind
soon expand in the flow
Thoughts implode in us now
Running concepts like streams
and expressions of doubt
become positive dreams

How you waken in me
What I’ve let slip through time
Staring deep in your soul
I reveal what’s in mine
There’s a message in here
once revealed in a kiss
just as powerful now
and confirms all of this

These expressions so deep
travel right to the core
Each deliver a sign
Too profound to ignore
So we meet in this place
to explore things outside
These expressions so deep
hold the feelings we hide

by Alison Mary Dunn

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