AK (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)

To Day Is The Day

Today is the day I've waited for
I can't wait no more.
I just cannot stay.
So today is the day.
The die that I die

For tonight I'll take my life
I'll probably use a knife
To end my life.
I cannot stand

For I guess a good life was to much to demand
I cann't Handle pressure and pain.
For I am sure to go insane.
Im already mad.
All I no is bad.

For I can't stay sane
And Now all I see is red
Things will get better once I am dead

I am going to Die
So I say Goodbye
I take these pills in my hand
For I guess a good life was way to much to demand
But suicide will end it all
For not listening is my downfall

I take the pills in groups of ten
As I lie down I think of Life
I think I should use a knife
It will get better
as I sign my letter
With crimson blood.

One Slash of the knife
And I robbed myself of my life.
But the life I had was no good.
It was within a shitty hood

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So much pain Amy, and I understand completely. I wish I could be there to physically hug you and tell you that things do get better. But since I can't bet here physically, I am sending this cyber hug to you (((((((((((((((((((AMY))))))))))))))))))) . Please do not give in, and take your own life, or those that so cruelly treated you will win. YOU CANNOT LET THEM WIN. Be strong amy, because it is in our strength that we can heal. With super love and big as the sky hugs, Barbara 'If I have to be this girl in me, Then I have the right to be.'