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To Dear Heart
DM (26.11.87 / delhi)

To Dear Heart

Through deep oceans,
Through violent storms,
Through agonizing fire…
You battle and pass…

Still, you throb and desire for more?

Disgust, pain, dearth…
Myriad emotions that confine to you,
Like spent waves, that touch the shore,
Trickling from my eyes...silently you sore.

Still, you throb, desire for more?

No fury went untouched…
Despite the life that bashes with bumps!
Despite the fact that it’s full of jerks,
Why is it that you still don’t shirk? ? ! !

Still, you throb, desire for more?

Confine it to yourself! My heart!
Your undiscovered dreamland.
Your dreams, your desires…
Nobody will understand…

But still, you’ll throb and desire for more…

Can’t ask you to halt the palpitations...
Can’t ask you to slay yourself,
Despite knowing the irrevocable truth,
I wonder time and again...

Why do you throb and desire for more? ? ?

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