To Deeply Reach

The gift and giving of things,
In an exchange to receive and take...
Seems never able to replace,
The touch of a hug.
Or the feeling of being embraced.

Time being in one's presence,
Helps to sparkle and cheer...
More than glitter and glitz.
And the simplicity of the action...
Stays longer to reminisce.

The gift and giving of things,
Is as trite as an expression...
Spoken without warmth.
And interpreted as superficial,
As an ornament worn to flaunt.

From the eyes,
It comes as no surprise...
Who one selects to prioritize.

And with a touch of a hug to deeply reach...
One is reminded instantly,
Who sincerely is there with feelings to greet.
And who comes around to go through a a routine...
As an inconvenient necessity to complete.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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