To Defend A Craze

To defend a craze.
In minds long gone.

So ludicrous today's madness.
Continuing to escalate.
To leave those still able,
And stable with common sense.
Vacating any statements made,
That may offend the one's remaining to debate...
A craze they depend upon.
From an outdated place only arrogance appreciates.
In minds to have gone.
To delude an exclusive 'normalcy'.
A 'normalcy' kept to perceive it sane.
Within tainted brains to wish and prove,
Racism, division and themselves to isolate...
Will justify their fictionalized way of life.
To re-write.
A mindset increasingly sickened.
By anointed self importance.
And insecurities to endear them indulged.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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