To Defend With A Trust Given

For whatever the reason,
Liars, crooks and petty thieves...
Perceive themselves ammuned to truth,
To not be pursued by those unmoved...
By the strength of their honesty and ethics kept.
And yet become subjected with no sign of regret or remorse,
Shown by deceivers secretly...
Damaging values to abandon standards,
So many now see with eyes of clarity...
Who really is behind the threats of their worshipped interests.

And the ones deceived to believe with an awakening consciousness,
Lies denied with innocence to them told and addressed...
For years protected to defend with a trust given,
Can only blame themselves for protesting against...
Those unafraid to speak and be of truth faithfully.
Although it is a bit too late to escape from the facing of consequences,
With the mending of fences between themselves...
And the ones they character assassinated on a daily basis.
For whatever the reason they can not explain to be excused.

Truth abused remembers the doers with an unforgiveness to implement.

'Didn't I apologize? '

Didn't you deceive me intentionally?
With a doing to appear innocent?
Knowing your performance would be well received?
It was incredibly unforgettable!
I bought what you sold now prepare to be scolded.
When it comes to getting attention AND with pay,
People careless who they betray.
Don't they?
I'm sure this has been your experience.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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