To Denise On Her Fiftieth

She's such a marvellous character Denise
And she always comes up with a good party piece
And any joke of her's is good so good to hear
And she has told good ones the best I've heard for years.

To Denise there is more than a humorous side
She's a family woman with a sense of pride
And she's admired for her courage and honesty
And with what I say there's none to disagree.

And her fiftieth birthday at Kallista Hall
Will be one for the memory to recall
And I am hanging out for the invite
To be asked to Denise's special night.

And if invited I won't be saying no
I will be there come rain or hail or snow
To be with Denise on her fiftieth birthday
From such a party who could wish to stay away.

To have a happy ale and sing along
And join with the others in the birthday song
And to the lady raise the glass of cheer
In Belgrave's biggest party of the year.

by Francis Duggan

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