To Die Alone

Poem By Lady Viola Of The Grave

There is a time in your life
that you want to die,
and it seems like fun
but every one stops you
everyone cares
and no one dares
to let you die
alone out there

But it is sad when
you don't want to die
it does not seem like fun
but no one tries to stop you
because no one cares
and no one dares
to die with you
so you die alone
with no one there
and you wish you weren't
you prey you weren't
you plead you weren't
but open your eyes

you just died alone

Comments about To Die Alone a pain that lingers for as long as it exists. Not like a heartbreak that slowly fades overtime or at least the pain would subside. But to die alone, when no cares about you or would care to go with you is truly a sad thing.

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