To Die Or Kill For Your Country

To die or kill for your Country is seen by many as the honourable thing
And the praises of war heroes the patriots does sing
And what is looked on as murder in most every other way
For to kill people in war by the majority is seen as okay
Those who kill for or diefighting under the Country's flag honoured in a special way
In war parades old ex soldiers wear their war medals today
Proof of their bravery in war ontheir coat lapels on display
Most old soldiers do not grow wise they just grow old and gray
Old heroes of a war where so many died
To kill for their Country in a far war to them a source for pride
For to deliberately kill people is murder by another name
But soldiers who come home from killing in war are assured of a lifetime of fame
Old returned war veterans lead the war parade
On the lapels of their coats their war medals displayed.

by Francis Duggan

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