To Die Young

If the doors of heaven open now
To take me home where I belong,
When I have but seen eighteen summers
I’ll gladly go though still early.
I can’t think of a better time than this!

When the face is young and mind fresh
When you’re loved more, hated less;
Friends exceed foes- life is in spring,
A summer missed has more worth,
Unfulfilled hopes are even dearer!

Even foes may bless a little,
Wished a longer life for the poor soul;
If death could reconcile, how glorious!
And my loved ones, beating their breasts, bless
A thousand times and rest me in peace!

Then when I am old and full of years
And generated hate and love alike
Then die, and equally cursed and blessed;
Remember my deeds all-good and bad
And half think I should have died earlier!

But my race would be incomplete;
This small world wouldn’t have known me.
I’d like to finish the work He entrusted me
There are more hearts to comfort,
Songs to sing and people to love.

Yes, if Heaven grants more years
I shall strive to flower these dreams,
Right the little wrongs to bring smiles.
Even try harder, so when I finally sleep
I am loved and missed more than hated!

by Lozaan Khumbah

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