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To Digress

Solitude reckons with the darkness...
As midnight burns the candle down
Decay of the years brings forth tears
As the tapestry of our life is a mottled brown.

The Summer brought forth many truths
With it's intentions sizzling hot...
While the baby blue sky covered us
Came a cry for life long fought.

Yet in the 'morrow of cruel intentions
Sits a solitary bird with broken wing...
In a house of the mother of invention...
A healthy song bird sings.

Unwritten heartbeats are yet to come
Making reflections of a new days dawn...
And through the gate of selective memory
Lies a much, much greener lawn.

It's said that life is greener on the other side
Where the sod is richer by far...
Always looking for something better...
Forever striving to reach that elusive star.

By, Theodora Onken

April 26,2016

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Thank you dear Kelly for commenting.
The disappointment of heartbreak, elucidated in terse verse