To Dismiss And Not Miss

Memories are suppose to be,
More appreciated.
When they are reminisced.
Like a maturing when one ages,
Is 'suppose' to leave one less impatient.
And more accepting with tolerance.
With a forgiving that forgets,
All of the nonsense they are 'suppose' to let go.
To dismiss and not miss petty foolishness.

But I didn't get that memo.
Nor was I given a script of my life,
With lines to learn with them to recite.
To rehearse until I got it right.
I've never aged before to do it. Have you?
Nor was I told what I was suppose to accept,
That was expected from me to give to perform.
While others judged whether or not as time went on,
My aging to reflect and address left them impressed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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