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(((To Dream)))

So sweet 'tis your slumber-

Such relief from the everyday flow-

Wrapped in your silken comforter-

Simply allowing your subconcious to go...

Nestled against a dream-

For want of relief from constant pain-

Must embrace it with your every fiber-

Lest it all disappear in vain...

If you should happen upon the 'Dream Weaver'-

Accept his gifts of honesty and flowers-

Cascade tenderly into the heat of his open heart-

And enjoyably idle away the hours...

Allow the softness of his gentle voice-

To simply smooth away your woes-

Take in, by threads, the strength from his spirit-

And let go of all of your past foes...

Embrace his sweet soul completely woven-

Oh so passionate-oh so kind-

His tender touch upon your skin-

'Twil calm the demons that have haunted your mind...

His sense of humor 'twil light up your laughter-

That the 'ebon of the night once had stole-

Weaving your being ever so softly intense-

Allow him to re-sew -what once was whole!

August 3,2009

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This is such a wonderful poem, the dream world you described is where I frequently run for relief and help myself. Wonderful! ! ! , a 10 if there ever was one.