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Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda...

One sage,
One man,
I know,
Wore an orange turban,
And the long mantle,
With his wooden sandal,
Shone like,
The crimson light...

The light of eternity,
Saved the young girl,
With his powerful grin..

His one glance,
Startled me...

The man,
Without ego,
A brave soul,
And a wise gentleman,
Sprinkled with the eternity,
Asked me,
To take a voyage in the yawl...

His words,
Like an arrow,
Pierced my heart,
To take his wisdom...

No winter was,
But summer came,
And the sun peeped through the broken clouds,
To hear his preaching..

His preaching,
Retouched my yellow soul,
To glow in the dark,
To kill the beliefs of myths....

I give up hate,
I give up bad,
To feel him everywhere...

A Wise Soul...
@ Ami J

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