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To Ellie
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To Ellie

Poem By SarahJane Platt

To Ellie
Sometimes I listen through your door
To your grumbling soliloquy
You murmur and snuffle and sing, then silence
Sleep has claimed you
I can picture you perfectly
I have watched you sleep so many times
Awestruck by your perfection.
Your rosebud mouth relaxed in slumber
Long dark lashes kissing peach blossom cheeks
Balled fists unclenched in surrender.
What do you dream of, my sweet angel?
Cuddles from Mummy and kisses from Daddy?
Milk and toys and song?
Laughter, and those strange shapes you see from your pram?
My child, how can my heart hold so much love?
Each day I feel it will surely burst with joy.
And this I promise you; you will always be loved.
I will keep you safe as long as you need me
And love you 'til the end of time.
For now though, sleep in perfect innocence
The world will wait until you wake.

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