CB (May 3,1962 / United States)

The Most Important To Survive

their eyes
but the soil can feed up
are not satisfied
are never fed up
they want to gain
more and more money
we must kill
or we be killed
in order to maintain them
more and more money
they do nnot declare
this openly
they have hung
many multı-coloured lanterns
on the dry branches
spread their lies on the roads
all of their tails are adorned
with attracting, magnificient colours
drumös are beaten in the downtown
in their tents
cut and parted human heads
the acrobats
clad with pink shorts
on the wires
their faces
painted with fake, artificial make ups
to believe or not to believe
to be cheated or not to be cheated
that is the problem
if we do not believe
we exist
if we do believe
we are exhausted


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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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