To Enjoy With.

Poetry the great tool for human emancipation
The poetry in good spirit and imagination
When we read the poetry texts of great poets
Whenever go through the lines of inspiration
The quotes, contents, the verbatim expressions
The continuity, the superficial and inner meanings
The highest principles of human justices
Those the poetess creates in poetry
The highest principles for human dignity
The social changes, the social orderliness
Poetry made the world to change as a peaceful one
Knowing well, limitations are there
upheaval and societal concern, against dogmatism
The world to make it is a coexistence way
The great words in careful poetic styles
Remembering through the great works ever here.
Not to surrender the principles of justice
Make the poetry in its great tradition of goodness.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Great works with the message of the truth. Thanks for sharing.