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To Esther, Regarding Her One Inch By One Inch Poetry Writing Book
CA Chuck Audette ( / Poetry Hell, Vermont)

To Esther, Regarding Her One Inch By One Inch Poetry Writing Book

I hope this advice is somewhat sage
for it concerns your one inch page
I'm worried that if you write alot
you'll write so small, t'will look like spots
when writing, your hand will clench in pain
when reading, your eyes will squint and strain
and at night, the trick is to use a better lamp
or you might stick this on an letter as a stamp
If on your bedside table, while you're in dreams so deep
I fret that you'll be able to eat it in your sleep!
Then.. you'll search high and low, in frantic despair
(I bet it could even get lost in your hair)
So Quick! Return it! Don't dare dawdle!
And at least go get the TWO inch model!

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Dear BP from PH...just stumbled on this new 'persona' of yours, and can't stop laughing. Of course, you know the ones here from p.com, Justine and Esther and myself and others whom you brought over! Bless you, BP! And of course I adore miss Essemee and Jezzy and all the rest! But consider this, in thinking of the small writing...if you breath in, you might inhale it, and if you sneeze, it will be blown away...but yeah, you're right, I am sure it would wind up on a letter as a stamp! Funny, funny guy! And how is the little BP's lady and baby?
Are inch books anything to do with inch worms and book worms? ? Either way, you fill a page a whole lot quicker...Love this humerous little number to the one and only Esther. Superb penning Chuck, put a big smile on my face! Justine
Hmmmmmm....thought this would be a cut & dry comment, until i read Anna's take....lol! Chuck, a bobby-dazzler of a witterical write, Sir...And penned for Le Clerc o' Class! You never cease to entertain us, my friend.''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''F. j. R.
Ah yes, that extra inch makes all the difference, doesn't it Est? (on shoes, I mean, shoes!) Great write from one of my favourite Poem Hunters to another. Hugs Anna xxx
Now, I don't just hand out 'tens' willy-nilly, my Punnin' Pal! But anyone who puts my name on a title is gettin' one (hahaha) ! Really, this is TOO much fun and hey, really quick on the mark, Chuck - just wrote that note to you! No sir: the one-incher suits my modest needs very well indeed (talking 'bout the notebook here) ! THANKS for the advice and roars of laughter! ! ! ! ! ! Est : ]]]......... (Now, where'd I put that little thing?) ...