धीरज धरो, न छोड़ो साहस
होने वाली है अब जय
अंधकार छटने वाला है
स्वय भाग जाएगा भय

संशय आलस और हताशा
निश मे ही दुख देते है
ज्यो ही हो जाता है प्रभात
हो जाता है इन का छय

आओ तम से बाहर आओ
नभ की ओर निहारो तुम
फूट रही है प्रभा निरंतर
प्राची लगती ज्योतिर्मय! !

by Shobha Khare

Comments (20)

A towering tender tribute from the pen of a great poet. (X2)
This is a beautiful poem. I had an uncle who did have cancer. He pulled through it. Then it came back. He pulled through again. He hasn't said about it lately. I just hope everyday that any-one who has cancer is doing well. Bien!
a lovely write dedicated to cancer-struck patients.what can one do except PRAY!
You know...I just love it.
hi my lady so great to read this beatiful lines and missed your style
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