To Every Student

In every school, to every student
there's a special teacher.
To every teacher, to every student
there's a special bond.
To every bond to every moment
There's a special time that we'll think
back and say to ourself's "That teacher
really cared!"
If you know that teacher cares
you're life will brighten up.
Cause now you know that
if you fall, that same special teacher
Will come and help you up.

by Gloria Celiant

Comments (5)

It is a fact there is a teacher to every student to specially remember with and nice poem it is felt.
luv it! ! i showed this to my l.a. teacher n she luved it
Beautiful Write! I remembered I wrote in the school's year book To a teacher: ''Thank you for not letting me sleep in class''
this poem is awesome...i love it...i actually showed it to my english teacher a few days ago...she really liked it...i told her when i read this poem i thought or our bond that we have together...its wonderful poem...good job!
This is lovely - simple and true. Gid bless those few teachers who do care that much!