To Fail Never Easy

To fail never easy it always is tough
And though you tried your best your best not good enough
And though by one better than you this time you were beat
It is hard to smile in the face of defeat

The fans of the winner are cheering loud
And the broad smile of the victor tells of one who is proud
But the honorable person does lose with grace
And manage a smile on a disappointed face

The praises of the winner the fans well may sing
But winning in itself is not everything
In every material and sporting winner some flaws one can see
They are all not everyone does make them out to be

Though with my thinking on this many would disagree
The kind and compassionate are winners to me
On the helping of others they sow karma's good seed
The only form of success in life of they are in need

To fail never easy it always is tough
But to have given it your best for you ought to be good enough
And though losing is a thing anyone does not choose
For one for to win others have to lose.

by Francis Duggan

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