Doing It Alone

I'm not strong anymore
Like i used to be
I feel like there's someone else
Living inside of me

Never had a secret
I couldn't keep 'til now
I probably will make it through
I'm just not sure how

When i see the lonely alleys turning off the track
When the baby pink in me fades to a gothic black
When i feel as if my eyes are set alight like fire
When i know that my screams could overcome a choir
When i feel like i'm falling into a bottomless pit
When there's no reason for me to say i'll make it
When the energy drains away like a battery
When the light of day is way too much for me
When i don't wanna hug cause it makes me sick
When it's someone i know could let me down so quick
When i'm too deeply scarred it's too late for healing
When i can't make room for any other feeling
When i'm sinking so hard, i just keep falling down
When i don't grab for help cause i really wanna drown
When i'm told people are there for me and i hate it
When i know my time will come and i await it
When no amount of smiles could take away the strain
When no amount of words could ever ease this pain

So just let me be
What i feel i need to be
Even if that's unbelieveably

I used to rely on everyone
But now i've grown
So this time around
I'm doing it alone

by Carla Nestoros

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the best thing about larkin is to portray the exact feelings of the reader. the apt visual imagery adds to the beauty of this short poem.
This is a good companion to the novel Ethan Frome.