To Faith

To faith
Whence the clouds gather
Regathering by date
And return all over
The cease sea
Whom to faith glory be
Gift and signs frighten
Waves frighten stars lower shallow
Green field temporal with dew
Run together unto fate
Breath of field of beast
Last before a common gate
A train single feast
Resting so alone yet mingle
True to trails false also
All these are more single
Fable races horses rider go
Castle inhabitant
Changes come and chance
Wild state inheritance
Window wind defense
Strangers like us ignored
Here to ask never satisfy
Cast away the rest yet to keep
Strangle memories looking worried
Brave ancestors to faith as deep
Though the faith weep we carried
Don't care for us the faith does
The faith we know
With tomorrow and now
To pail gods white as snow
Shine afar off
Valley deep valued dark
Passes before us sharp
Down yonder a thousand spark
Brought to me to you
Except this was so slow
And snow and white
White grayish bite
Thinking time longed to go
Cheat of yesteryear's
Clouds crime whence they are
Whence they are hence
Catch thy breath
Sowing to reap whence
Plug off thy trust hence
For flower good
And eagerly drought
When all these goes for good
Good only when it was brought
Touch of the mind
Out of smile of the face
Dark by dawn
Showing bye
Between what to see
To expect and bear
The trust of yesterday
Roaring trust in a must
All adjust to faith

by George Egba

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