To Fedelinas

Every time I think about you I do feel a little sad
You will never be my woman and the feeling hurts me bad
You've pledged yourself to another and we live miles and miles apart
But Fedelinas dear Fedelinas you're still living in my heart

Can't forget when first I met you 'twas on a hot December morn
I was hitch hiking to Melbourne and from walking I felt worn
Cars and lorries raced on past me drivers looked the other way
But Fedelinas you stopped for me and meeting you my lucky day.

Never met a woman like you, you are beautiful and kind
And I never will forget you I can't get you off my mind
You've read all of the famous writers from Will Shakespeare to James Joyce
And if one asked me who is the World's brightest lady Fedelinas you would be my choice.

Fedelinas dear Fedelinas dearest heart I've ever met
The most painful thing about you is you are not easy to forget
And I love you Fedelinas and I ever always will
Till my lungs cease to take in air and the heart in me go still.

by Francis Duggan

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