To Feel As Human

I cut no sorry figure
As I am sure
Of further consequence
That needs one more chance

I shall have setback
That may force me not to sake
But internal sprit may revolt
And order not to receive jolt

It is built over long years
The confidence and spirit keeps no fear
It makes me to dive in fire ball
Even if that is dangerous call

I feel helplessness
But that never reflects on face
I recover fast composure
And make it doubly sure

It makes me to feel as human
Simple and ordinary man
To face day to day
And make the way

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Strong and motivational poem. Partha Sarathi Paul, guskara-burdwan Nov 08,2014
What a good one for this morning :) 6 Nov by Dan Means to To feel as human
To feel as human is to live with joy and the pleasure of different emotions but to keep on smiling! Lovely write!
very well crafted 1 hour ago by Electric Peace | Reply
What a good one for this morning :) 1 hour ago
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