Jesus Our Savior

Jesus you are our Holy Savior
And we should not be asking for a favor
We know that you will there for us
God is watching and waiting without any fuss

Because before the days that you were born
You were fitted to wear the crown of thrones
Your life was the one marked to die
After your death millions of followers cried

Blessed be the name of the holy one
God’s only blessed and beloved son
The one that will lead you down the right path
The one that will be there for the aftermath

He will show you the way and the light
Christ will teach you what to say and how to fight
He is with you both day and night
And will always keep you in his sight

He will stay at your side through hard times and bad
He will be with you when you are happy and sad
Remember that Jesus is here to stay
And all we have to do is pray

Pray for guidance and a life full of grace
For we want to leave at least a trace
A trace that will count in the world up above
And to show God’s heavenly love

by Joann Carrano Passmore

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This is possibly one of my all time favourite poems!