To Figure Out

All roads of life and their alleys Are all dead-ends... The impossible life prevails forcibly and There are no other ways to get out Out of them anytime... All life's burdens impose themselves On almost everyone of us... We have got tired and even We have got exhausted with everyone and With everything anytime... We have got lost in piles of Cares... Our whole life is seen as impossible With what we feel anytime... Our whole days beat us hard Simply because we have not cared about them... Only pains and suffering chase us continuously And endlessly... It's difficult to figure out about Getting out of our whole situation anytime... _____________________________________________________________________


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Very nicely envisioned about life comparing with roads. I appreciate this poem and the way of presentation. Thanks for sharing.
It is all a matter of mathematic, probabilities and balancing equations.
It is all a matter of mathematics, I am sure.